Larry W. Brashear

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One litmus test of any preacher’s heart is how he preaches the central, familiar truths of the gospel. From my own humble experiences in the pulpit, it is sadly all too easy to be underwhelmed when proclaiming the highest and most glorious doctrines conceivable. I shall lay down the gauntlet afresh and in every sitting, always teach from a “thrilling heart” which is “amazed at the glory of the message.”

My foremost passion in life is the preaching and teaching of the glorious truths of God’s Word. As long as I have breath, I shall seek to satisfy the unquenchable fire in my bones (Jeremiah 20:9). 
Preach with passion. Preach like one amazed!

This blog is to facilitate the sharpening of iron (Proverbs 27:17), through theological discussion and biblically tried interpretation. From the study of scripture (hermeneutics) we have two principles that will guide my study and teaching. Understanding contextually (exegesis) what the scripture is saying, and not reading into the text (eisegesis). Replies are welcomed from all, questions will be addressed as quickly as possible and always with biblical reference(s).Again, thank you for visiting my virtual pulpit, a place where only God is exalted.

a bondservant of Christ and eternal brother to you,