In violation of the First Commandment …

If Martin Luther knew what was happening to the denomination that bears his name he would turn over in his grave. This photo shows Lutheran “ministers” (note the female clergy in the picture) holding the, “Evangelical Lutheran Worship book” while praying. The title of the article bearing this picture says, “As their church meets, gay ministers take a stand”.

Take a stand…on what??? Certainly not on the Word of God and the truth contained therein! You may, like me, find it disheartening that professing believers would even entertain votes relating to gay/lesbian ministers.

It is often said, and I believe wrongly, that the world has simply gone too far. It is my sincere belief that sinners have simply not gone far enough. They are born, like you and I were, sinners. In that state one must ‘come’ to a point of repentance and acceptance, thus leaving the sinner positionally needing to come from where they are and surrendered to His Lordship and grace.

The leading cause for depravation among the professing evangelical world is a lack of knowledge of God. Most churches today have little to no emphasis placed on expositional teaching of the scriptures or on its authority and sufficiency. Discipleship is the primary key to growing strong, maturing churches. The “world” is having greater impact and influence on generation ‘X’ and “Y” because the churches pulpits have abandoned the preaching of Truth for the sake of superficial tranquility among their parishioners. Pastors must foster discipleship and teach the truths of God’s Word to faithful men who will in turn carry it faithfully to the next generation.

It is saddening to think that we have come to the point whereby we are soliciting anyone to teach a Sunday school class for the sake of filling a position, rather than limiting our classes to the number of God called, God gifted, and God fearing teachers. We select pastors and deacons with similar recklessness, and all the while wringing our hands and wonder why those in the church are no different than those outside the church.

Pastor, Deacon, Sunday school teacher, or ministry leader – if you are not sold out and bought into the whole counsel of God, then get out, resign your position, quit hindering the church and its effectiveness on the next generations. You can have a good heart and be genuine in your endeavor, but if you are not willing to lay down your life for the Gospel than resign, you have not been called.

As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord.

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