A Time of Celebration!

“Run with endurance the race that lies before us, keeping our eyes on Jesus, the source and perfecter of our faith.” Hebrews 12:1-2 (HCSB©)

Our church recently completed this years vacation bible school and it was a great success. It is such an enjoyment to be a part of serving Him and doing so in such a joyful manner. At risk of being wrong and harmed bodily by this years VBS director, I believe we had somewhere over 175 each night. With many of those being neighbors and friends.

I never commit to isolation, I want to be available to meet every parent and mingle among the kids throughout the week. I usually boast that my duty is to instigate, getting the kids energized just before they go into their classes. (The teachers just love me for that!!)

The highlight of this years VBS was having the opportunity to lead a ten year old girl in the sinners pray. Each time I get a chance to minister with children of this age I am reminded of the decision I made many years ago, at about that same age. As I talk with them and ask them about Jesus and what He did for us, my mind goes back to that time when I too professed Him as Lord and desired soley to serve Him. In these momentary reflections and times of introspect, I thank Him for His continued mercy and grace!

This young lady, 10, was among seven who made professions of faith during this years VBS. Borrowing from John MacArthur, each sinner who repents sustains joy in heaven. And certainly, heaven rejoiced in the presence of God this past week, as salvation of man is the joy of the Lord.

Had only one little ten year old girl come to Christ through this years VBS, it would have made it all worth any sacrifice or effort. VBS is important, and the children that participate are important.

It is for that reason that He came.

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