Are YOU certain?

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  1. Larry,I read the article you sent me too and it is very powerful. I know I have to deal with this and reconcile in my heart the answer. I think the grief as wells as the shame of knowing I am responsible for destroying my witness and the knowledge that the woman I was involved with is not saved is partly to blame. In addition is the stress of where I have lead LL and myself. I have been unreasonable and extremely hostile to her. Don’t get me wrong she has been great but everything inside me rebels at the knowledge she is one of the reasons I had to end my relationship. So in moments of anger I have given her the brunt of my rage. I can see in her eyes she is withdrawing and shutting herself in. I would be too. So in addition to everything else is the fear I will lose her and therefore lose everything. Here are some of my thoughtsMy life clearly is in the worse shape it has been in for a long time not increasing in righteousness The Bible makes it clear that those who are genuinely saved are righteous and holy. They still sin, but with decreasing frequency. A true believer hates his sin (cf., Rom. 7:15 25) and repents of it, hungering and thirsting for what is right. He obeys God, loves his brother, and hates the evil world system. No one can be a Christian and continue living the way he did before he knew Christ. Making a decision years ago, going to an inquiry room, walking an aisle, or reading a tract on how to accept Christ is not a biblical criterion for salvation the issue is what your life is like right now. If sin and unrighteousness characterize your life, there is a possibility you are a disobedient Christian but there is a greater possibility you are not a Christian at all.I have asked myself am I shattered over what I have done. I have begged God’s forgiveness and need to ask my wife to forgive meIf you didn’t come to Jesus Christ shattered over your sinfulness, and hungering and thirsting after righteousness, you are not a Christian. Some people come to Christ as if they are doing Him some great favor. Sometimes Christians reflect that same attitude by hoping some famous person will be saved because of his potential influence. But whoever wants to come to Jesus must come on His terms: mourning over his sin, and desiring righteousness. When someone comes on those terms, the Lord makes him merciful (v. 7), pure in heart (v. 8), and a peacemaker (v. 9). Then because of what he is, people will persecute him (v. 10), revile him, and say false things about him (v. 11). But he will rejoice, because he’s a citizen of the Kingdom (v. 12). I look at how I am treating LLMatthew 7:1 12 emphasizes that genuine believers have good relationships. They don’t constantly misjudge other people and act pious toward them while ignoring their own problems. Christians are known for loving others (cf., John 13:35 ). Thank you for making yourself available as a sounding board you will never know what it has meant and hopefully one day we can sit down together and praise God for all he has doneMM

  2. Brother, I apologize for the delay, been very busy and unable to focus. Every persons primary concern should be their own salvation. Every persons knows within whether or not they have truly believed that Jesus is the Son of God, AND that God raised Him from the dead, AND confessed Him as Lord of their lives. The latter equally important as the former two!!!A very popular cliche is that ‘judge not lest you be judged’. And the scriptures teach that we are not to judge one another, that we only see the outside but God sees the inside. However, as Christians we are fruit inspectors. Any one in whom the Holy Spirit indwells will have evidences of that indwelling, “fruit” of their transformation (regeneration).I am going to post something this evening written by Jonathan Edwards, you can wait and read it here or find it on the web at the following address ( It is lengthy, but one of the most moving transcripts I have ever read. I encourage you to read it in it’s entirity.I will write more this evening…

  3. Larry,I am not sure if I have offended you or shocked you into silence. I sincerly am asking for your input. I begged God Sunday to tell me I was lost if that was the case I do not want to go to hell. During the invitation nothing no prompting no moving. I asked him into my heart anyway and nothing I still feel unbearable burden of shame knowing what I have done. It is so overwelming. You have no idea. Never in my life have I doubted my salvation and now all I can see is my sin and the sin I have allowed all around me to become consumed with. I am really concerned about LL all she does is cry anymore. I am angry, hostle,and consumed with the knowledge that even if I do not go to hell the other person I was involved with is

  4. Larry,I had come to check in and read some of the other things on the blog. And bam you hit me with this right off. I used to think I was certian and had no doubts. Now I struggle. First off how could I have walked in sin for as long as I did. I left my wife alone for 4 months and then when I came back I paraded the fact I was seeing someone else in front of her with no regard for her dignity. Is that a Christian man or the actions of someone who has Christ in his heart. Add to that I have been in a relationship with another woman for over a year. Does this show the love of Christ for her and a saving knowledge. No it makes me a stumbling block and a heathen walking her down the path to hell. The reason we became involved in the first place was because she came to me with theological questions. She is Catholic I am Baptist. Today she is closed to the gospel because she sees it as a far away unattainable ideal. She says it is better to do what you want and confess that as far as she is concerned no one is a true Born Again Christian. I do bear that burden by my very actions. How could she see Christ in me when I was living and practicing all I called wrong.The second concern I have is the fact I truly considered ending my life to make this go away. Would a Christian harm his temple if Christ was dwelling in him. So many things to overcome, my marriage is destroyed and I do not know how to even begin to put it back together again. My relationship with God is destroyed and today I can not even say I am CertainYour thoughts would be great, you have spoken the truth to me in a way I understand and not tip toed around my stupidity. Everyone else is afraid to hurt my feelings but man they need to be hurt I want to feel unbearable sorrow at what I have done not this numbness and anger.MM.

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